Day +578   Blessed Beyond Words

13 years ago,  I was working at an Auto Auction as a Credit Manager when a dear friend sent me a note telling me I had to come work with her.  I was not unhappy at my job,  but I knew I wouldn’t be there forever.  I took the chance and applied.   Little did I know that the move I made would alter my life in such a wonderful way.

I started working at a medical device company called Becton Dickinson (BD) when I was in my late 20’s.  Quickly on, I realized that I was a part of something bigger then me. I was a part of a company that helped people and I loved that!  I still love that.  I just never thought I would benefit from the devices we make.   I thank God every day that I have.

Last May, I was so blessed to be one of the 7 out of 45,000 people awarded the BD Life-changer award. The best part of the award is that I was nominated by 4 women that I admire and love. The award is given to an associate (or 7) who have shown to help people inside and outside of work. Cecilia, Dahlia, Gail and Phyllis. I can never thank you enough for not only nominating me, but for being the kind of women who support other women. I can never lose in life when I am surrounded by you. I am so proud to not only call you my coworkers, but to gratefully call you my friends. I love you guys!

I still am speechless.  If you know me,  you know that I am an open book.  When I was faced with the news that I had multiple sclerosis,  I left the doctors office and returned to work.  I still think it is funny that people think this is odd when people are surprised by this.  My coworkers are some of the most wonderful people I know.  It never crossed my mind once to hide the fact that I had this disease.  I was never ever concerned that it could impact my job or hold me back from growing my career.  I trusted my amazing leadership and knew that I would be treated with nothing less then full support. I never thought I would be honored for this and many months later i continued to be blessed. This week,  we were brought to NYC to be honored by our leadership staff.  That felt wonderful,  yet strange,  because  truthfully,  I am the one whose life has changed because of the products BD makes,  the people I work with and the wonderful doctors at NWM.

Now enough about my life!  Let me give you an update on my MS 18 months post HSCT:

I’m doing Great now,  I’m not free of ms so I am not a normal person (I never was), but I am a thousand times better.  When I get sick or exhausted (which happens more then I’d like to admit)  I remember why I went through HSCT.   I used to be like this all the time.   I have been traveling again and I learned to tag a day on here or there to recover  because I will need to.   It is all a matter of balance.  This is where I have been spending my energy. Trying to tell my brain that my body is not quite as young as it used to be.  We should all be so blessed to have this problem.

Thanks again to all my followers.  I don’t update as much as I used to because of work and home commitments,  but I still hand out my HSCT cards and continue to champion the amazing work of Dr Burt and Dr Gazda (inSan Antonio).   I believe it is my responsibility to help those who aren’t as familiar with stem cells and the analytics that make it possible.   I cherish every email or call I get from my fellow brothers and sisters with autoimmune diseases.   I am astonished to say that this blog has been viewed over 30,000 times from people all over the world.    If one person has found the courage to swallow your fear and go through with the procedure,  my dreams have been answered.

Many Thanks and please tell cause the typos.  I am writing this on a cell phone. 😂



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