Day +729 – My 2 Year Post

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t posted much on this blog because I am busy living the life I that I was so blessed to be given back thanks to HSCT.   I am doing well,  I feel like I’ve been sick since Christmas, but well.  I am always caught with so much emotion when I update my blog because I remember everyone that helped and continues to help me over this life obstacle.   I am in awe of the love that has been sent my way and will do my best to be deserving of it.   I haven’t had my 2 year checkup yet (tomorrow),  but I have been traveling the world and raising my daughter both of which would have been so difficult without Dr Burt and my wonderful Neurologist Dr Gazda.  

I love spreading the word of this treatment for autoimmune diseases.  It makes me feel like I am doing the work I should be.   Helping those of us that have felt hopeless because of our disease.  There is hope and I am living proof!



2 thoughts on “Day +729 – My 2 Year Post

  1. Hi Colleen. It’s Lisa & Les you just met from Maryland. Thank you so much for the info and sharing your story to us. We will be in touch. Thank you and God Bless


    1. I was just going to run in for you. If you have facebook, friend me. Colleen McDonald in San Antonio. I’m asking for you now and it’s the easiest way to get you in touch with people. God works in mysterious ways. You will be fine! You got this!!!


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