What is HSCT

HSCT – What It Is And Why It Works

by George Goss

As for the underlying MS & other hematologically-rooted autoimmune disease process / progression, the overwhelmingly-established science and scientifically-valid data clearly indicates that the mechanistic action of the underlying MS disease pathology is that of self-intolerant autoimmunity. Most doctors / researchers now consider this as fact, not just conjecture as explained by these research scientists at Wayne State University:

Division of Research – Research Communications – News ReleaseResearchers at Wayne State University’s School of research.wayne.edu Researchers publish results settling multiple sclerosis debate:http://research.wayne.edu/communications/news-release.php

“This work is significant because for the first time we are able to definitively establish a cause-and-effect relationship linking the marked T cells to the development of relapses and show unambiguously that it was the same T cells that mediated relapsing cycles””Targeting such disease-causing T-cells in MS is definitely a valid therapeutic approach that should be pursued,” Tse added.

And indeed, this is exactly what HSCT does.

How & why does HSCT cure (MS) multiple sclerosis and other (AIs) autoimmune diseases?

As a curative treatment HSCT works by partially (non-myeloablative like Dr. Burt’s protocol) or completely (myeloablative protocol) erasing the body’s immune system memory. This effects a beneficial change of the body’s overall B- and T-lymphocyte epitope (antigen binding) repertoire, inactivating autoimmunity (making the body’s immune cells “antigen naive”) which results in restoration of immune self tolerance. This is often referred to as “resetting” the immune system which STOPS the underlying MS & other AI disease activity & progression. Once achieved, the body then has a chance to repair (or compensate for) existing neural damage that is not undermined by further MS or other AI disease progression, often resulting in substantial and lasting symptomatic improvement.

The interesting fact here is that it is the chemotherapy (low dose cytoxin in Dr. Burt’s protocol) which is effecting the curative aspect of the treatment by wiping out long-lived T- and B-lymphocytes of the body that carry the faulty auto-reactive memory so they may be replaced by naive, un-programmed and self-tolerant non-auto-reactive lymphocytes generated by the bone marrow. The stem cells themselves are not the specific reason for the curative effect of this treatment. The re-infusion of the hematopoietic stem cell graft is simply for the purpose of re-establishing the bone marrow which has been ablated as part of the chemotherapy conditioning. So in effect, the stem cells are not curing the patient of MS, but are instead “rescuing” the patient from possible mortality as a result of the curative chemo conditioning regimen. This is why the stem cell graft is sometimes referred to as “stem cell rescue.” It’s just adding an extra measure of a safety factor for non-myeloablative protocols, such as Dr. Burt’s, and rescuing the patient from near certain death (for myeloablative protocols) due the treatment.

The takeaway concept here is No chemotherapy = No cure. #NoChemoNoCure! This is why simply injecting stem cells into the body does not render the body’s immune system self-tolerant as is required to stop the underlying MS disease activity. (As in many of the stem cell “therapy” scams that exist in the US and worldwide!) Sorry. No free lunch here.

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  1. With the few medical problems Sharon and I have dealt with lately they are small compared to yours Coleen.
    Keep up the fight. We will keep you in our prayers.
    George and Sharon

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