About me

I am a daughter to loving parents.  I am a fiancé to a wonderful and missed man watching over me from heaven.   I am a sister, friend, aunt, niece and cousin. I am most importantly a mother to my very loved 7 year old daughter. Last year, I was given a new challenge… I am now a fighter who is searching to stop the progression of Multiple Sclerosis in my body.

Please join me on this very unpredictable journey and pray that the outcome is a remission and eventually a cure.



6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Came upon your blog today. Thank you for sharing. As much as I would like to have HSCT, I do not think it is in the cards for me…. Age and possible SPMS. All I can do is keep the faith that there will be something for me some day.

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  2. I have a 45 year old son, thinking about having him go through the procedure too. I would like to talk to you personally about it, I got your blog through your aunt joan. It would mean a lot if you’d email me, thank you!


    1. Hi Elaine,

      She told me. I’d be happy to talk to you about it. I don’t have your email. If you email me at cm5306@aol.com I will email you back. Dr. Burt is an amazing doctor. I would recommend him to anyone.



  3. Hi Colleen:

    Two of the physical therapists at Madonna in Lincoln (i.e. Marin and Daina) told me about your story and got your contact information from Julie White. I was diagnosed with MS eleven years ago and have been on Avonex, Tysabri, and Gilenia. I am told that stem cell treatment has cured you and that your insurance paid for at least some of the treatment. I have been hoping that this would happen and now it is. Congratulations to you!!

    I would love to know more about the treatments, insurance, remission, etc.

    My email is


    Steve Danielson
    Lincoln, NE

    cell (402) 310-8070

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  4. Hi Colleen,
    Just stumbled upon your blog and was immediately emotionally attached to your story.

    I too have undergone the treatment (+3months) after living with this disease for the past 6 years. Since I was on 4-aminopyridin up until right before the treatment, it is quite difficult to “objectively” see if there has been any improvements. Still, thank God for this opportunity 🙂

    However, reading through your journey I can’t seem to find how long you were diagnosed with MS before you went through with the HSCT procedure.

    If you want, my email is samir.nabil@live.se.

    Warm regards


    1. Hi Samir,
      Congrats on your treatment. I was diagnosed about 3 years, but most likely had it for 5-10. I was very much like you and didn’t feel the benefits right away. It is a rollercoaster and I can say now at 19 months that it was the best thing I ever did. Don’t get discouraged. It can take well over a year to see and feel all the benefits. Then when you get sick, you realize how bad it was because it all comes flooding back!


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