Day 366 – One Year Later, I’m in Remission

 Wow,  it’s been a year.   I really can’t believe it.  It went so fast.  


About 2 weeks ago I went for my year checkup in Chicago.  Both Doctors were thrilled with my progress and said I still have a while before all the results are seen,  by my EDDS Score went to a 2!  A 2!  For those who don’t know all he medical mumbo jumbo, that is basically the level of disability I have and a 2 is awesome.  Dr Burt thought I may be on the cusp of professing to a higher level of MS and if that happened,  a transplant may not  have worked as well as he likes to see.  But,  my MRI showed no new lesions! So this has been a very successful path for me to take and I don’t regret it for even one moment.  it is so hard. No one can really get that unless you are in our shoes,  but it is hard.  

With all that good news,  I will confess that i am a little down today. I don’t know if I am disappointed in myself for getting so sick this year and having set back after set back.  I don’t know if it is my return to work after my latest leave and finding it hard to function as I should from the fatigue that found its way into my life when I got pneumonia.   Whatever it is,   I continue to count my blessings and accept  the fact that on this glorious day It is ok to feel a bit emotional.  

 I am so very blessed to have been a part of this amazing journey.   Getting diagnosed with this disease,  I never once doubted once I would find a way to live with it and live to the fullest.  What I didn’t expect,  was to find a legion of friends and supporters along the way.  Everyone around the world who read my blog,  call,  email,  Facebook me.   You have all helped me more then you can imagine.   I owe my recovery to you and to the legions of friends and family that were by my side… Or taking care of Rosie when I was in the hospital or too sick to do so.  For that,  I will be eternally grateful!   




PS – I type this as I am at my hemotologists office.   Looks like I have iron issues and my body is not absorbing it correctly.  I will return in a few days for an infusion.  He promises this will help tremendously.  

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