Day -4, but Technically Day -3

Hi Everyone,

it’s 3 Am on Good Friday, so technically, I am officially day -3.  But I a, posting a recap of Day -4 for everyone. I didn’t feel like typing for everyone and this is the sickest and palest I have looked, so hold on to your seats.  Lol



PS – for all you  female HSCTers out there. Invest in these.  What a godsend.  All it takes is two quick cuts inside the shirt when your picc is done (and you know what arm) and you are good to go. Wear them as bras, under sleep sweater, or as tanks.  What a help.  I had a 3 min ekg today and 2 of the 3 were is taking about the top. Lol

3 thoughts on “Day -4, but Technically Day -3

  1. Love your blog Colleen! I hope it gets out to a lot of people going through same thing as you- such helpful information and tips. Personally, I am getting myself one of those toothbrush sterilizers!! Hang in there with everything – you are doing great! Would be so amazing if this could be the cure. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  2. Colleen hope you improve as the day goes on! Awesome hat.. We need to get u one that says kill in’ it on the front! Hang in there

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