Day -3 For Real This Time

Hi Everyone,

Another  video blog.  I’ve been sleeping all day.  You can really see the impact of the steroids on my face as opposed to this time week or two ago (Dan and Tom if either of you read this Don’t say a word!!!  It is steroids).  I smiled today when Dr Burt and the team came in.  That madeKaitlyn happy.  Dr Burt always finds something to laugh at in my room.  Yesterday was the cheeseballs I use to counteract the steroid mouth.  Today it was my hamper and my comment that I have my laundry crew to dash back and forth with clean clothes.  Well,  here I am in my round face glory!



3 thoughts on “Day -3 For Real This Time

  1. Colleen u could start shopping network for hsct! Whoa! Awesome info.. Question.. Do the windows open in your room? Just curious.. I am sort of hyper like Michael Barrow.. Trying to wrap my head around 5 or more straight days in hospital…Thanks for all the great tips… I have been in bed all week with flu! Travelled for work/caught flu… Tecfidera.. Yields low wbc’s… It’s been a blast! Not…soooo, getting to watch all ur vids as u post:-).. Glad u r doing well..btw… Ur face looks gorgeous! U r brave!!

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    1. Kelly, my mom said they don’t. The blinds do, but each room has its own air controls so you can make it as cold or as hot. Steroids = hot for me. I hope you feel better. 😘❤️💋


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