Day -2 No Video

Hi Everyone,

Short post for today.  I am doing well.  Very tired and have slept through most of the day.  The exciting thing is that I slept through MY LAST CHEMO!  That does not excite me as much as the fact that Dr Burt said Pee Wee can come out tomorrow.  I am used to it,  but I want freedom that I have taken for granted these past 38 years…. Even if it has been impacted by my MS.  Lol.   I can say,  I have not had eye or leg pain since around pay -4.  That is a long time to go for me.  It’s amazing not to feel that piercing pain in your eye.  I know it may not last, but I will take what I can get..  

The last few days have been very similar.  I fall alsleep with the chemo premed and if I’m lucky,  I sleep through the Rabbit premeds… That’s is my goal.  The steroids with the rabbit is hardest on me, so the more I sleep through it,  the better.

Tomorrow is Day -1 and I get my last dose of rabbit.  Ironic it’s Easter so I will happily say goodbye to my bunny friend in the early AM.  Tomorrow I should also find out some info on my transplant time for Monday.  I am looking forward to that.  

The last few days have turned into a Dr Burt dormatory here.  All these friendly and familiar faces from the HSCT family are everywhere.  We’re all getting yelled at for going to close to eachothers room.  We have to save it for the walks,  which I have been lacking on with my earlier heart issues.  But, I did just do a few laps so yeah me! 

Rosie is having such a great time with her Nona and cousins.  She can barely stop to say hi to me.  She loves being a big cousin so much!  That makes my day everyday to hear.  

Well,  I am signing off for now.  The steroids are making my eyes blurry.  I’ll write or video more tomorrow!



Happy Easter Everyone! 

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