Day -4 ….  A Face of HSCT

Hi Everyone, 

 I lay awake this am with a heating pad strapped to my bad eye in the hopes that it will take the pain away that drugs cannot right now.  You all know my story, but I want to share the story of a member of the HSCT Family Rachelle.  Like many of us, she is a wife, associate, mom, sister and friend. She was all this and more when she was handed the diagnosis of CIPD.  Like MS, CIPD is an auto immune disease. It is progressive and there’s no known cure. But also like MS, HSCT offers a hope, one of the greatest gifts God could give.  The hope of a long term remission with no drugs and maybe even a cure.  Please take a moment to watch the video her talented brother made:

 Rachelle and I are on very similar paths.  I took the same medication off and on for a year or more.  If you have any means to donate, I ask you to please consider.  This treatment has PROVEN HSCT saves lives and more importantly quality of lives. That is a dream we all deserve to have come true. 


If you don’t have the means, I ask you to spread the HSCT word.  Thanks for allowing me to steal some time! This brave video Rachelle and her brother made is brining awareness to CIPD.  



PS – my day has been difficult.  They moved my picc line again because of heart palpitations. The steroids (we hope) are causing my heart rate to go up and I’ve been asked to stay in bed and rest.  I started chemo about 30 minutes ago.  The dreaded steroids begin after the chemo ends and before the rabbit begins.  If I get the energy later,  I’ll post some more.


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