Day -5… I’m heeeerrrreeeee

Hi everyone!

Well I’m all checked into Prentice.  I really can’t say enough that this hospital has the best staff ever.  Everyone is so so nice!    Amyway, so we got to the room about 8:00AM and got to work unpacking and organizing my room.  Here are some pictures.  I’ll take more when I’m up and about.


The biggest task was hanging all my pictures. My mother did the work This was a big inspiration from my bestie Jen and her hospital stay.  Everyone keeps coming by to look. Lol



It’s not everyone I love, but a bulk of you that I was able to get printed at Walgreens last week.  If you are not on the wall and want your picture hung, well you will just have to send me one.  I can’t leave the floor. Lol. 

So, I told everyone last night about the heart fluttering.  Well, I was spot on and today they pulled the picc out a little more then a centimeter.  It’s so much better.  I also have a handy dandy heart monitor to carry around the next few days.   After the picc line was fixed I started my chemo.  Omg.. The wasabi nose is insane!  I was face timing my bestie Jen and she could even see my nose turn red.  It was like I snorted wasabi… And I know from experience that’s not fun. Lol jk.  

Ladies and Gentlemen…. PeeWee is back in the alamo and I was such a big girl this time.  I didn’t even cry.  My mother was such a support for me.  She stayed in the chair playing trivia crack. ❤️

It has been a whirl wind today with all the picc line moving and swabbing (Einstein and John Lennon for those HSCTers out there).  I promise to do a video or more photos of the room.  So far…. I don’t regret anything I packed and BEST money I ever spent was the $50 for the extra long temperpedic mattress pad.  I have one for the pull out too.  Whomever is here when I leave and wants them (I swear they are clean and hopefully stay that way) can have them.  They are not returning to Texas.  GOD WILLING, that will be around the 18th of this month.

So, I have to interrupt his very exciting medical blog to tell you about my AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND AWESOME FRIEND DIANE!   I love her so much.  Anyway,  Diane knew a guy, who knew a lady with connections and guess who is going to Steve Harvey next week?   Not me!


Diane, this is the best gift ever.  I can never thank you enough.  Tell Jim to be extra nice to you for me!  ❤️❤️❤️

While I’m shouting out… Emily, thank you for showing me the hole in face app.  You should have stock in the app because I got like 50 people obsessed.  

Anyway,  back to medicine.  I have massive steroid mouth (tastes like I drank a bottle of nail polish… I also know from experience. Lol jk). So I am signing off for now.  Thanks for all the love and support.  If I can ask another favor, my uncle/Godfather is in need of some healing prayers.  Please pray for him.



Ps- I am currently getting the rATG. That’s rabbit antibody for those of you who aren’t in the loop.  I wonder if this reverses 26 years of vegetarianism?  I think since the IVIG is human, that probably already did that!

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