Still Day -6 (with a bald head and no makeup)

Hi everyone,

Here is my late night talk.  I know this is odd, but I’m excited to get the show going tomorrow.  I thought I would do a late night Ambien video that I will certianly regret if I temember this.



4 thoughts on “Still Day -6 (with a bald head and no makeup)

  1. So first, thanks for the ‘hi it’s Colleen’ intro, otherwise I might confuse you with the rest of my bald pals making late night Ambien videos… 🙂 You will say its nuts, but you look prettier than I have ever seen you. I had to write because through the whole video there is this bright light right behind you that I could not stop looking at. Now, I was on the phone with my mom for an hour tonight, so my brain might be on spiritual overload, but I swear its one of your angels there with you. That’s what my mom would see for sure! I miss you every day Colleen, but I know your angels are there (and yes, I know it could also just be the lamp, but isn’t it better to see angels?) and you will get through this too. Sending you love and keeping you in my thoughts, Lisa.

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  2. i begin my Journey on May 31st! Thank you so much for allowing me to follow you through your journey to a new life! I love your positive, whitty humor! Stay strong & keep smiling! 😊

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    1. You are going to do amazing. Remember after all the unknown you have been through, this is something that you will know. So many have gone before and educated. Keep helping!


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