Field Museum

We had a fun day at the Museum today.  Rosie enjoyed it more then I imagined she would.


Grandpa met Sue and Rosie wanted to know when they all came alive at night.  Thank you Night at the Museum franchise!  I made it through most of the animal exhibit and part of Egypt before my dad had to go get a wheelchair for me.  I could barely stand.   So between the headscarf, wheelchair and face mask for the crowded places…  I was looking HOT!    

I can’t lie,  Rosie was digging the wheelchair and loved helping me find the bathroom.  


Grandpa hates flamingo lawn ornaments, so naturally we made him pose.  Rosie’s favorite exhibit came about 1 hour in..


Her grandmothers wanted in on the candy action, but she said… There are only 3!  After a glare from me, she parted ways with a half of 1 peanut butter cup for them to share.



  She did not like the bug land… That was for boys. 

She was also very impressed that both her feet fit into one of the Dino’s.  I had recently read (ok, listened on audio) the book Remarkable Creatures     by Tracy Chevaliar (The Girl with the Pearl Earring) and really wanted to see an Ichthyosaur or a Plesiosauria fossil, but I didn’t see one.   One day,I will make it to England and see some of Mary Annings fossil finds, but let’s get though the transplant first.  

After a very disappointing Vikings exhibit (which we made a mad dash from because the room was so crowded and every sniffle made me have a panic attack), we headed back to the hotel and I promptly took a 2 hour nap.  Thankfully, I woke up in time for the Kids Choice Awards because that is all I’ve been hearing about for a week.  I mean, if I missed it, I would have had to wait at least 30 seconds for one of the other 900x they will air it on Nickelodeon.

One more day with my baby.  Then she is off home and then NY with Nona.  We will have to make a stop at the Sprinkles ATM!



PS, if your going to have a Vikings exhibit,  THIS  is the Vikings I want to see.   That Lagertha is bad A$$!

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