Last Day with my Mo!

i couldn’t sleep last night and once I finally did,  I slept until 11:00.  Rosie had a hot date with her Grandpa to go to the Sears Tower or whatever it’s called now.  She Loved it!!




 She had a blast.

Nona,  Grandma and I went to Walgreens to get my  prescriptions refilled.  They have to call San Antonio to have them transferred.  I’m down to one ambien and the no sleep I’ve experienced the last few nights show I need it.  I hope they don’t forget me.  We went back to Soupbox for a light lunch and this time I remembered to take a picture… But only of the grilled cheese.  


We then exchanged a skirt Fran bought Rosie at AG and you know what is pathetic…. Getting recognized by most of the employees there.  So sad!!!  Lol. Unfortunetly… I have to go back.  We finally convinced her the hat below is fashionable (thanks Melissa),  but in my haste to grab it I got a doll hat.  



After AG,  we went up to the 7th floor to get someone new shoes.  Apparently,  her Clarks had a slit in her shoe.  Again,  I have too much respect to say who would be tacky enough to have a slit in their shoe and not know it…



I got out of there with a $20.00 bill.  To me,  this is a fantastic win!  Lol. We then went to walgreens and picked up my ambien, thank you Itty Bity Baby Jesus in the Manger (IBBJITM as Cecilia, Randa and I say).  And went  back to the room. 

I made geriatric  reservations for 4:30 at Flemmings.  So here are my flemmings pictures for you.  Not all of them are food. 



I forgot main course,  but delish!!!  


Chocolate lava cake we already destroyed.

Well,  we are off to the hotel to pack up Fran and Rosie.  This is the week!  I’ll keep everyone posted!



PS – we lost a dear cousin George S. this week after a long and courageous fight with pancreatic cancer.  Prayers for him and his family would be appreciated.  We are sad that we couldn’t be in NJ to send him off.  Much love!  


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