Hi everyone!

I feel whole again. I have my Rosie with me. 


Today was such a busy day. What little hair that I had left was falling out like crazy.  The mother of my dear friend Dolly had the most amazing idea of using a lint roller to get them off… Unfortunately, I didn’t have one.  I did have duct tape and duct taped my head for quite some time (Joe NcN will be so proud).  I know it sounds crazy, but the cells are dead.  It didn’t hurt at all.  Finally I caved and took a razor to it.  My dad walked in the room with horror on his face and took the job over.  So I am officially very bald. Sorry, not brave enough to post yet.  I have to get used to it first,  soon I promise.

 We left the room at about noon to head to the Soupbox for lunch.  This is going to shock all of you,  but I completely forgot to take pictures.  It did live up to it’s name as the best soup in Chicago.  I swear there is nothing better then a bread bowl of soup when it’s like -5000 degrees outside.  We then ran across the street to grab a new razor for my dad… lol.  At about 2:30, my mom and I caught a cab to the airport to meet Rosie and Fran.  They were so nice there, they gave us escort passes to meet them at the gate.  Of course… I did have a head scarf and medical mask on. One TSA agent asked me if I was sick….  No, no… This is my Friday look. Lol when they got off the plane,  Rosie ran up to me and pulled my head scarf off to rub my head.   It was all caught on video, unfortunately my mother was taking the video and well,   It was mostly of shoes and her finger.  Nice try mom.

We hopped into the car service to get back to the hotel.  We had an hour until Rosie’s appointment at American Girl to have her dolls hair done.  It was like a mad dash to the room, change and to get to the store.  But we did it.


After the dolls spa date (I can’t believe I even typed that) we had dinner there.  This time even grandpa came. Doesn’t he look delighted…


Rosie had a blast shopping with her gift cards and refused to buy this hat… I’m in love with it. 



It’s not… And I quote here… It’s not fashionable enough for her!  Monster 

After shopping and we ran up to Garretts for some popcorn 


 And finally back to the hotel for an Easter egg hunt in  room.  Today was EXHAUSTING, but worth every second.  So glad to have Rosie and Nona back.  Now, I must sleep.



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