It Was A Good Day

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for all your support this week,  it turns out idle time in the middle of a stem cell transplant is not my BFF.  Today however,  I had a good day.

We stayed at the hotel until around 4:30 this afternoon.  Our favorite front desk associate, Katilyn,  came up to deliver a package and brought me some Irish prayers and medals from her church. She is so sweet.  She is definitely our favorite. We got dressed and then went to RPM for dinner:


 Beets with blue cheese and Pistachio 

 Zucchini Fritta with an herb dip (excellent) 

 Gnocchis with marinara sauce (my mother wasn’t feeling the wild boar sauce it was supposed to come) 

  Mama DiPandis Bucatini with Pomadoro Sauce (mine – excellent as well)

  Handmade Cavatelli with Beef and pork Ragu

  Sicilian Cannoli’s 2 ways 

 Almond Cake with Brown Sugar Gelato. – Everything was delish (except the almond cake … It was a tad burnt on the bottom). 

 We kept an eye out for Juliana or Bill Rancic for Cecilia,  but sadly…. They were not in attendance.  I did live text her our meals … Which was kind of rude since she was hungry, but hilarious none the less.  

After dinner we went to the origianal Macy’s on State Street to check out their flower show.  It’s on until 4/1.  


My view of the 12 floors from the first floor.  Very cool

   Beautiful flower scene from the show   

 I had to sit in a hand chair 


A picture for my friends Brooke and Melissa!

We made one last stop to get some easter wrapping  paper and odds and ends for our Easter with Rosie this weekend. I also picked up a caboodles for the hospital (either I jumped back to 1990 or they still make them… WHO KNEW!!!)   

I also received the best package in the mail.  A homemade card and lots of snacks and things to do in the hospital from my amazing nephews.  Love them so much!!!  There were lots of pictures of them inside for my wall of pictures! 


Also received a nice surprise from my dear friend Diane.  I tore apart the chocolate so no picture.  Lol.  I really love the daily cards from my friend of 28 years Cristine. (I like to say that to rub in our oldness)  They are getting more and more inventive so that always puts a smile on my face.  

Well,  it is much past my bedtime and I have a ton to do tomorrow to prepare for Princess Rosie’s arrival and my admission to Prentice for the big event.  Once I get admitted, I will share some of my daily Chuck Norris calendar my BFF Jen’s hubby  Dominic sent me.  It’s our thing and they always make me laugh.  I have no idea why!  Lol



PS- MOM! Quit bugging me about Trivia Crack. I will get to it when I get to it.  Geeze!

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