Oops,  Wrong Walgreens 

Hi everyone,

It’s  getting close. Picc line on Tuesday and  Admission on Wenesday.  Today we did some last minute errands before Rosie gets here tomorrow. I printed a ton of pictures at Walgreens,  unfortunately, it was the walgreens down by the river…. And some in Texas.  Hey,  at least they printed them.  So Fran got the pictures I printed in Texas and my mom and I went to the walgreens neat the river on Michigan… Which is also 2 floors and WAY better then the one on State Street!  I had a delish smoothie.  We picked up the photos,  crossed the street and ran into Dylan’s Candy Bar.  There were only 500 people in there as opposed to the 5000 there last weekend.  We decided to walk back and on the way,  my mom (and dad… Even if he wasn’t there) bought me this awesome silk scarf.  I’m in love with it!  

It’s my favorite… Even better then the 10 that I bought on etsy!  We stopped to have a quick bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory because I didn’t feel like dressing in anything other then the jeans, tee and sleep sweater I was wearing.  We quickly rushed back to the hotel to wait for Fran and Dan to FaceTime us from Rosie’s art show.   I was so upset about missing it,  but after facetimeing and seeing the ridiculous amount of people there…  It was okay.   I got to FaceTime with my friend Brooke and Kevin who were there with their kids . I saw their daughters art and Rosies:

  Like how I covered the names up.  Lol

 Rosie’s awesome groundhog!  

It was great to FaceTime everyone.  It was even better when Fran sent me the text and picture of  my friend Tonna (I changed the name to protect her… See Vonna,  no one will ever know) after her daughter yelled  “THESE PEOPLE STINK IN HERE”. Lord,  I love her kids!!!  They are AWESOME!  Finished by wrapping and filling eggs for Rosemary’s egg hunt in our room tomorrow. I can’t wait to get her.  I brought a new funky pop star wig for when I see her. Can’t wait for them to get here tomorrow! 



PS- Still owe you all an overview of the stem cell process.  I’ll get it done before I go in!  

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