Mobilization Day 6 – Pop

Hi Everyone,

Well,  today was shot and pill day #1.  The worse part about giving the shot itself is setting an alarm to do it.   But, after injecting Betaseron and copaxone,  anything is a pleasure.  Copaxone is like trying to inject maple syrup into your fat.  I prefer to eat it and let it turn into fat.  Anyway,  here are the needles for all you HSCTers out there.  

I thankfully brought my own needle cutter, alcohol pads and travel sharp container as they weren’t supplied with the needles and I wouldn’t have remembered to buy they when I picked up the prescription….  I mean it’s not like the neuprogen retails for nearly $10k or anything… Oh wait. Also, coworkers…  Please ignore the competitors alcohol pads…  They came free with the copaxone.  Lol

Today was another hard day, but it is nothing in the grand scheme of things.  I woke up, nauseous, I I have been and had to kiss this face for the last time in person for over a week..

Ok, older picture, but I wasn’t about to take one at 6:00 AM.   Fran and Rosie made it home safe and sound.  I don’t know if I could say the same for Vonna who had her kids and Rosie playing all day.  Lol

Anyway, back to my ever exciting life of side effects.  Before the shot and morning antibiotics, I watched a horrible vacation house hunting show and tried to choke down a bagel.  I managed and at about 10:00 decided to try and get some sleep to make up for the rough night of tossing and turning.  I didn’t, but I did watch a movie while laying down.  When I went to get up, I could barely walk.  The spasticity in my legs (both) was horrible and it has continued to be since.  At around 1:00, my brother got here and I managed to put some street clothes on (as opposed to my awesome pjs) and go out to lunch (thank you Zofran that isn’t really working anymore because I keep using it).  I ate a few bites and then subjected my brother to an afternoon of Marrige at First Sight… Which I am convinced may be the greatest downfall of American television… Not that this theory stopped me from watching it.  The highlight of my day, besides Tom arriving of course, was when my ears finally popped after 36 hours…. But that only lasted like 15 minute before they clogged up again.  So,   You can see where I am going here… Not much to blog about.   I’m hoping that tomorrow is better, but not expecting it to be.  My blood counts will be thier lowest over the next few days, so I will not be doing much outside this (barely gets a wifi signal) hotel room.   However, I’ll be sure to capture all the entertaining things that occur.  Now,  I’m going to try and finally sleep a little.  



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