Mobilization Day 5 – Laundry Nightmares

Hi Everyone,

Well today is Fran and Rosies last day in Chicago.  Thankfully,  they will be back in about 10 days.  I was told I could go back to Texas,  but they didn’t advise it since I’ve had this virus and chemo.  My body is just exhausted,  so I didn’t put up much of an argument.  This morning was a rough for me.  I felt like I took 5 steps back.  the nausea and headache were bad.  I took some nausea meds,  but was trying to lay off the pain pills.  I layed down and fell asleep at about 9:00 and at about 10:30,  I was awaken by a maniac with a laundry fetish.  For all those care givers out there…. Please note: Even if you love laundry and the hotel decides to remodel the laundry room, closing it for a week without giving anyone notice,  it is NOT OK to wake the person you are giving care to out of a dead sleep for laundry details.  Laundry in no way constitutes an emergency. I am not going to mention who did this….

After I was jarred awake like the building was on fire,  I decided it was time for those pills.  We stayed in the room for a bit and at about noon I decided I needed to get out of the room. We went to Eataly again and I forced myself to eat.  Surprisingly that helped, a lot.  Rosie was in heaven because her favorite food is salami.


We then walked a bit and headed back to the room.  Tonight,  we are hanging out and I am watching Fran repack their suitcases for the 18th time.  It’s amazing the lengths she will go through to avoid checking a bag.  😄.  It’s kinda awesome!  

Rosie told me she is sad she is leaving and she is going to miss me,  “but the internet here stinks”!  I don’t blame her.  It really ,  REALLY does stink.  

Tomorrow is Mobilization Day 6 and the dreaded pills and shots start at 7:00AM.  My brother Tom is also flying in for the week. So there will be a ton to blog about.   

Hope everyone has a great Friday!  Chicago is jumping tonight!  



PS – Happy Birthday Uncle Dan!  We love you!!! 

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