5 More Sleeps and False Positives (I Hope)

5 more sleeps until my baby is here in Chicago.  I can’t wait to see her in person.   I am so proud of her.  She passed another speed test in math AND she has a picture that is submitted to the Young Masters Art Show.  What a day for her!!! Way to go Rosemary!!!

On another note…. my mother has a nice case of bronchitis so we are in disinfecting mode at all times. They have her on an inhaler, Cipro and Teslon pearls.   I keep telling her to go and get a steroid shot to help it on it’s way. If she is still coughing on Monday, she won’t be able to stay at the hospital with me I get chemo.  Hopefully she gets better or goes back before it’s too late.  So far, so good for me.  We all know what happens to an MSer when we get sick.  I had it in Nobember and lost nearly all the eyesight in my left eye. 

Kate from Dr. Burts office called me this afternoon. My test results have been submitted to insurance for the last and final approval.  My Fairy God Mother Insurance Case Worker promised a 2 hour turn around.  She just needs all the test rests and Dr Burts OK.  Kate also mentioned that 2 of my blood tests came back positive.  They believe that they are false positives from the IVIG, so they are doing extra testing.  They expect the new testing to come back with a negative result. Apparently this is very common with IVIG patients as IVIG is derived from human blood and like a blood transfusion,  can cause these false positives.   Either way,  it is not a show stopper (I still want them to come back negative even if I don’t fully understand what viruses they are. Lol). I now know why the guy who took my blood filled a few more tubes saying “Dr Burt always orders more tests, this way you don’t have to come back” lol.  They also said my NMO came back negative again so we will continue with the MS routine instead of Devics. Kate also called my post-chemo medications into the drug store.  I just need to get extra approval for the Neupogen shots as the few I need cost $2800.00.  So that was exciting call.

Tomorrow I have a goal to leave the room.  I’ve been in here for 2 days.  I am so fatigued and have been battling a bad headache. I have been working this week, but I took vacation for next week when I get chemo and have my baby here.    

So please continue prayers for those tests to come back negative since I don’t need anymore issues, for my mother to get better quickly and for a safe journey for Fran & Rosie!  All your prayers have gotten me this far… I will be forever grateful! 



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