Lazy Saturday

Tomorrow it will be 1 week since we got here.  It feels like so much longer. I think the thought of what is to come has the days dragging on. I’m not scared.  I know that sounds weird, but I’m not.  I know the risks, I know how sick I will be, I know the recovery will be long and hard, but so is MS.  This transplant is something I never thought I would have… Remission.  

Today we headed back to the mall so I could get Rosemary some gloves for when she gets here in a week.   It’s funny how quickly I forgot how much effort it takes to go anywhere in cold weather.   I’ve lived in Texas for 4 years and I can honestly say that I barely wear a coat.  Back in the north, it’s an event to go outside. I feel like that little boy in A Christmas Story every time I step outside… “I can’t get my arms down”.   We stopped at Columbia and they had 4 pair of infant gloves left.  I was finally able to find some at Macy’s.  That Macy’s at the Water Tower Place kills me.  It has 8 floors, it’s an event to find anything… Except gloves for Rosie.  I had to practically drag my mother out with all the sales they had.  We then ate some lunch and headed to Walgreens.  My mother is fighting a cough.  Last night I gave her the humidifier I bought for my room and it seemed to help.  So we went to pick up some cough medicine and another humidifier.  I doubt I will be allowed to bring it to the hospital, but I am going to ask.  It’s hard to breath with all the dry air.  We came back around 2:00 with the intention of going to mass at 5:00.  That isn’t happening today.  I have a headache again and my mother is laying down insisting she is not sick.    She sure sounds sick to me.  I’m hoping the text with the urgent care address will give her the hint to go.  Here she is all bundled up at the airport…. This may have been the last trip.  

Rosie spent the day with our dear friends Vonna and Sean.  It sounds so weird to say friends because they are more like our family.  They have 3 children… all of whom were adopted from China, so when we thow in Miss Vietnam, watch out.  I have never seen kids have a bond like these 4. It really melts your heart.  The best thing is going out together.  People have no idea what is going on and you can see their faces as they try to figure it out.  I call Vonna super mom because she does more in a day then most people do in a month. I briefly facetimed Rosie when she got home and she looked exhausted.  I am sure Nona is appreciative of that.  

We are counting down the sleeps until we are all in Chicago together. 7 sleeps left.  I have to tell you the biggest sign of love I have ever gotten was that Fran is flying to Chicago ALONE (with Rosie, but no one else).  For those of you who know her, that is MASSIVE. When she came with me to Vietnam to pick up Rosemary, there was quite a Fran following on my blog. Carol, if you are following me, we need a twin reunion.    I really don’t know what I would do without Fran or my parents.  Can you imagine having to pick up and stay in Chicago for nearly 2 months without your child? My HSCT family can, but for everyone else, it is harder then you can even think it will be.  I never worry.  Not for one minute.   Fran is for sure the best gift Jason could ever have given me.  

I feel like a wimp, but I am currently hiding in my bedroom because I ordered groceries for the 3rd time this week (and we eat out at least once a day).  I’m trying to avoid my father shaking his head at me lol.  I’m a vegetarian and at least if I cook… I know I will eat it.  There are only so many veggie burgers and pasta dishes a sister can eat.  Tonight I’m making chilli and cornbread (as soon as this pain pill kicks in).  

Well, it looks like my text hint worked.  Marianne and Tom just left for urgent care.  perfect timing as they probably passed the grocery guy on the elevator.  

Please say a prayer that my mother has a non-contagious dry cough and nothing else.  I promise that the blog will be much more exciting when mobilization starts in s little over a week. By the way, for those of you who are wondering, I have cleared Rosie’s visit with Dr Burt.  Although she will be here when I get my chemo, he said my counts shouldn’t drop until the following week.  Her grandfather is going to take her on a date when I am in the hospital.  This way Fran can get in on some of the hospital action.  I know she is thrilled.  Lol



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