Keeping it Balanced

I am trying to not exhaust myself with my first chemo dose a week from Monday.  It’s hard because I miss my girl, I’m trying to be productive at work and in typical Colleen fashion, I find strange things to worry about. So, mentally,  I am tired and physically, the MS fatigue has caught up to me.  Never the less, today was a nice day.  I logged onto work about 7:30, got knocked out of the VPN about 10 times and got some long overdue clean up work done.   I have amazing coworkers… Especially Cecilia.  I never have to worry that things may fall apart.  They won’t and she is such a blessing.  

At 1:00, the best part of my day happened.  Rosie was in a fairy tale battle.  Dan and Fran went and facetimed us so we could watch it.  She has been so excited all week for this event.  She and all the kids did not disappoint!

My Asian Cinderella 

In the early evening, my mother and I went to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon.  I wanted a facial, mani and pedi while I was still allowed to get them.  It was nice, but truth be told, I expected more.   It was small, crowded and not the most relaxing spa I have ever been to. The nail ladies were bad mouthing eachother and customers every chance they got.  Thankfully, I got one of the few that didn’t.  Uncool ladies of Red Door,  uncool!

Finally, we finished up with a take out meal from one of our favorite italian restaurants Voltare.  You know the food is good when it comes 45 minutes late (thanks Grub Hub) and is still delious after reheating.   MMMM.   

I even got to FaceTime my girl twice today.  I can’t waIt to see her in 8 days.  I miss her so much.  Well,I’m finally going to sleep now.  I hope you all have an amazing weekend.



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