Good Tuesday

Well today started out great.  I was working when I got a call from my Fairy Godmother Insurance Case Worker letting me know that all has been approved and sent over to NW.  I am a go for mobilization on Monday.  She is really good.  I told her that I  have about $7500.00 in prescriptions pending insurance approval at walgreens.  She if even going to check on that and get them pushed through for me.  Yeah!  

Soon after I got a text from Rosie’s teacher (and now a dear friend) with this.  It almost exploded my heart.

At lunch,  my dad and I took a ride to Target… Well, that was where we thought we were going.  It turns out that right near Target is a 2 FLOOR WALGREENS!!!  For those of you who know me, know I am obsessed with Walgreens and tell everyone it is my favorite store.  The sad truth… It really is.  Lol.   Just look at it!  Wow

We got off and decided to get a bite to eat.  We stopped at Gap kids to get Rosie some sweaters.  We left the Gap,  stopped to get a bite of food (no pictures… It wasn’t that good) and decide that everything we need can be bought at Walgreens.  Walking there I notice a Magnolia Bakery.  They are one of my favorites.. Thanks to My friend Mary who often brought Rosie and I cupcakes from their Manhattan store.  OMG

We finally made it to walgreens and once I stopped staring at the sushi bar they have… I know right!

We got what we needed and headed back to the hotel for more work.  It was really nice to get it for a bit and see some sights on our way to my dream Walgreens.  Did I mention it had a full liquor store???   



Original Macy’s. 

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