It’s a go!!!

i am not going to lie.  I have been a nervous wreck for the last 2 weeks waiting for this appointment.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall,  but it didn’t.    I went in and took the peg and math test.  The math test I ironically bombed (stop laughing coworkers). It was actually more of a short term memory test and that is where the problem lies. This was me waiting to see Dr Burt: 

Thanks once more to my rock solid support team:

I saw Dr Burt and it was a much better meeting then last time.  He is very down to business,  but I was prepared for that.   He wanted me to have my NMO checked again to ensure I did not have Devics Disease.  Devics is similar to MS,  but the protacol for transplant is different.  Thankfully,  my awesome Neirologist at home had already done that for me twice, so all parties are pretty sure it is a go for the MS protocol.  

So now I wait. I am free until I am admitted to the hospital for chemo on 3/9.  We opted to stay close in case additional testing is required.  Fran is going to come here with Rosie for spring break and  they all said that she is fine to be near me after that first dose of chemo.  

Thanks for your prayers everyone and thank God for listening.



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