1st day off of testing 

Today is my first day with no testing.  I woke up and logged into work.  Got some much needed work done. Then decided to take a short break to get some lunch.  We headed over to Harry Caray’s 7th inning stretch at the mall.  Well… At this rate,  I am hoping we get back for the grocery delivery at 3….. Apparently is is snowing today.  Who knew?

I’m writing this as we go, so we will see if we made it out a bit later. 

We went to the Harry Caray’s museum 

 Stopped at Godiva… Naturally and then I stopped to get Rosie matching PJs for her and her American Girl Doll.  Disclaimer-I have a MASSIVE headache and took a pain pill which will contribute to the PJ purchase.  This place is like little girl crack.  

Last stop was supposed to be Macy’s as I need eye makeup for the hospital. Can’t use old makeup as it could contain germs my body will not be able to fight off.  But we saw a window of no snow and took it.   We nearly made it back safely to the hotel,  but I took a nice fall on my behind.  Not to worry,  I have lots of padding (stop laughing Sue Grieco ❤️).  It really was my own fault for not using my cane. 

Last night we had a wonderful time.  Our very dear friend (more like family) Jeff was in town and met us for dinner at Fago Da Chao.  It was so great to see a familiar face and have some time off of thinking stem cell non stop.  

I also booked Fran and Rosie’s airfare to come and visit.  I miss my baby something fierce.  Thank God for all those that love her and are taking care of her.  Fran, Vonna, Krista Brooke, Melissa and Dan,  I don’t know what I would do without you guys.   I love you all so much.  Thanks for being the type of people that can take Rosie in as your own and make her feel special everyday. Well,  she technically is your own Fran… But you deserve a very special thank you and I love you anyway. 

That is all for now.



One thought on “1st day off of testing 

  1. Coleen,
    You are truly remarkable and I am in “AWE” of your stamina and positive attitude. You and your Mom look great in the pictures today. Best wishes to you all,

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