I may have made the psychologist cry

Today I had a 10:30 appointment with a phycologist for clearance to proceed with the treatment.  I started out by telling her that my story may be a new one for her.  She later told me that when I said that she thought… No way… Well, way!  

I’m pretty sure most of is that have lost loved ones in tragedies such as 9/11 are capable of handling the unknown in ways that others don’t understand .  For me,  I try to stay prepared for the parts of a situation that are known.  Sometimes that causes me to try and control the uncontrollable. Thankfully when that happens,  I have a plethora of loved ones to pull me back. Apparently, that is very healthy… Who knew.  I told her of my fiancé and father in laws loss on 9/11,  I told her of my mothers battle and conquering of esophageal cancer,  my best friend destroying the leukemia that tried to take her (you go Jen),  my adoption of Rosie and my diagnosis of  MS. I told her of each medication that failed and how I sought out a way to end the life altering side effects.   I told her of the family and friends that support and help me everyday. She sat there as most do with her mouth open as I spoke.  She said your story is both tragic and uplifting.  I said my story is just one filled with blessings. At the end she told me to write a book.  I think that means I am cleared.  She was an lovely woman and I am very glad I had the chance to meet with her.  

More to come later as I meet with Dr Burt for the final clearance at 3:00. Please pray all goes well.   I have come so close to turn back now.


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