Tests, Tests and More Tests

Nothing like waking up and running to get a echocardiogram of your heart in 13 degree weather. There was a mix up and my original appointment was cancelled, so last night I was told my new appointment was at 8:30. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the location was changed.  The good thing is that everything is in the same place.  So I just had to go down a few flights and I was good to go.  The heart echo was no big deal.  Some cold jelly and a few beeps and I was on my way.  Next we had a few hours to kill so I went across the street to the other building (thank God for enclosed walking bridges) to get the chest X-ray that I was supposed to have the night before. This was by far the worst thing so far because the wait was nearly an hour and I was right in the middle of watching Property Virgins when I was called back for my 30 second X-ray.  Now I will NEVER know which house they chose.  I really hope it was the one with the shorter commute. Anyway.  We ran over to thecafeteria  next to kill some time before my vein check.  The most perplexing thing about the vein check was the name.  There was no checking of veins… It was more like harvest orientation.  I even got to see a very nice man getting his stem cells harvested.   This picture says it all.  My face had makeup blown all over it and let’s not even talk about the hair. 

After the “Harvest Orientation Extravaganza” as I have newly named it,  we were free for lunch and more importantly…to search for the ugg hat. Ugg store #1 was a bust.  So we drowned our sorrows over lunch at the Tavern on Rush. Sorry about the picture.  I remembered to take it half way through. 

Next,  we are back on our search for the elusive ugg hat.  We wanted to check here,  but as you can tell…. That was a strict NO WAY!

We went to Bloomingdales and Macy’s and both were out of them so I have decided to order it like I should have on Monday!  Now,  we are back at the room sitting for a bit and trying to get some rest before tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Agenda:

Phycological Evaluation to see if I can handle the stress of the transplant and recovery process and finally Appointment with Dr. Burt.   

Unless there is anything that came up on the pretest that would require additional testing,  I am free until a week from Monday.  That is when I am admitted into the hospital for chemo #1.



Ps- did I mention it was cold here? 

One thought on “Tests, Tests and More Tests

  1. Wishing you all the best on your journey. Keep posting!
    I am just starting the process with a visit to my neurologist on Thursday. I am i n Ontario Canada and God willing I would have my HSCT inn Ottawa.
    Following you closely, Trudy


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