I’ve Never Been Good at Taking Tests

Today started out with a pulmonary function test. Now, my lungs are fine, it’s the coordination to take this test that stumped me. The technician would say… Breath in, breath out, short breath, hold, long breath hard, blah blah… Seriously??? I have MS, you lost me at sit in the glass booth. Thank God I have my support team here rooting for me…


After I finished. The pulmonary test, I headed up to the 18th floor for some blood work. For those of you I work with and are reading this… I did my part to make our stock go up! You’re welcome DS friends! Lol


Next up is was an EKG. I was extremely motivated to get this part done because I was promised lunch at Eataly afterwards. Now I have a history of tachycardia and when I was in my 20’s (last year… I wish). I had an ep study with an ablation. In other words, they went into my heart with wires and burnt the parts that didn’t work. So… This is no sweat! But the thought of those butternut squash ravioli are going to make this test drag on! After a quick test, I was rewarded and it was delicious…




Finally, the end to a long day was a 5:00 MRI. I was supposed to have a chest X-ray, but a mix up has me going tomorrow. MRI’s are usually not that bad for me. Tonight a mid-test sneeze and post nasal drip made it interesting. I am waiting now to take the shuttle back to the hotel. I’m exhausted and in desperate need of this new UGG hat. If I get some sleep, I’m going to make the trip to the UGG store on Michigan Ave tomorrow. Yes, it is that cold! đŸ˜˜



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