I Failed Web MD Medical School

So today I cancelled the short term disability I was on because of the Tecfidera side effects. I was feeling better and thought…. Let’s get back to work. It was really nice to be back. I have such an incredible support system there. I am very open about my MS and I know people have mixed feelings about that. For me, I knew it was right. Anyway, at about 3, I hit my wall and started coughing. It was like I drank lighter fluid with a sandpaper chaser. I went to urgent care… Already diagnosed by Dr. Me.

Dr. Colleen – Hi… I have the URI my daughter had last week, I’m just being cautious because I have a compromised immune system. I also have some chest pain, but I’m exhausted and it is the MS Hug.

Actual Doctor – You have Acute Bronchitis.

Guess he told me.


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