Day +173 – Shingles Suck, But I’m An Idiot So I Shouldn’t Complain

I wish I could post a lot of awesome things and stories of how much progress I have made this week, but I can’t because I’m an idiot and I have shingles.  You know what, it’s not fun.  My MS spasticity and headaches/eye aches  are going strong and the shingle pain alone has kept me in a pain killer coma all week.   I mean talk about paying for a bad decision.  In my defense, it wasn’t even a decisions the time.  I was so sick from the antiviral meds that I had to stop.  Even if just to be able to go to work.   Well,  we all know how that turned out.  The good news is that I have only needed one nausea pill this week.  I don’t doubt my stomach will revolt again, but I’m ecstatic for the break.   

Rosie has been doing so well.  She is so cute.  The fact that she can’t hug me makes her want to hug me even more.  lol.   I love teasing her about it.  I must admit, since Shinglegeddon , sleeping with me was not (and is still not) an option, so when I finally pass out (yet to happen tonight and it’s nearly 5am), I get a decent nights sleep.  Waking up is like waking up to a hangover and realizing you fell down a hill of poison ivy then accidentally lit yourself on fire.  It’s not fun and I know that from experience!   Just kidding, I didn’t light myself on fire.  Lol.  It also helps that Super Nona is back in town and Rosie wants to spend every waking hour at Nona’s house. 

My parents, Rosie and Fran (Nona)   


Some lucky girl she is!   



PS – These pictures were taken right before I went to the ER/urgent care. Oops. Sorry restaurant goers!

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