Day +167  The Day I Regretted Being an Idiot…(again)

Remember 2 days ago when I was so excited about getting the ok to stop my antiviral medication?  Here is a refresher…

So, I had a rough July and August.   I thought I had a bad virus, then Cdiff, then food poisoning .  Finally, we realized that I had none of them, but I had grown extremely intolerant to my antiviral meds (AV).  I called Chicago and they switched my meds.  After a week of the same issues, I gave up and stopped the meds altogether.  Earlier this week, my conscience got the best of me and I told my PA in Chicago that weeks earlier I stopped my AV meds.  At first she gave me an option… 1. Start again 2. Stay off a week then start again, 3. Stop the meds .  She did however say that they 100% advise against option 3.   I agreed to start the meds the next day.  I didn’t.  Then, I got an email from my Chicago PA letting me know she discussed it with Dr. Burt and he agreed to let me stop them as long as I went to my PCP at the first sign of a rash.
24 hours later…  

Shingles! That was after dinner and tonight it’s about 3x worse.  So, now I’m on double the dose of antiviral meds and will be quarantined until they stop being contagious.

Thank God for Netflixs and painkillers



3 thoughts on “Day +167  The Day I Regretted Being an Idiot…(again)

  1. So sorry for this little setback, Colleen. Just remember, things will get better …Just a little bump in the road. It’ll give you a little break from work too. It seems your body decided to make you slow down, sjnce your mind couldn’t do it! Patience, and try to relax.

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