Day + 7…  Watching the Labs

Hi everyone!  

Let’s see… Today I have felt good.  I’m fatigued,  have some bone pains and am shaky,  but that’s all part of the plan.  I can take it. The most exciting thing that happened was when my dad lost a hearing aid and we tore the room apart for a good 35 minutes looking for it. I mean,  no wonder I am fatigued!   My WBC has still stayed put.  I can’t wait to see even the slightest of movement.  A +.1will have me jumping for joy, bone pain or now  My hemo went up a bit and my platelets went down to 25 after my 35 count after transfusion yesterday.   The good news is,  when they checked it again at noon… It was 29 and I didn’t need more platelets. I hope that is a good sign…. Honestly… You never know.  Oh.  It was on his shirt by the way… His hearing aid I mean.  Lol


My mornings tend to be the same.  Wake up, get counts, eat,  rest until Drs come.  Yell at my mother to leave and go back to the hotel, walk a mile (yes, you heard me) shower and sit in the chair.  I try to avoid the bed, but you never know when there will be a hearing aid emergency to throw ones schedule off kilter.   My hips and legs have been hurting.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up that that means engraftment soon, but I am regardless.  I keep planning out my return home and surprising Rosie.   I can’t wait to see her face. Dr Burt was so optimistic today. He kept saying how good my counts were… Which he knows….they look low to me.  Lol.  He told me that he is going to get me back to my little girl very soon.  I trust him with my life, so I trust him with this.  Home soon is important,  but healthy is more important.  I even dared myself to look up flights today.  There are 2 direct flights a day Thursday through Sunday and as of today,  they all have availability.  

On the home front, Fran is doing amazing. What mother can leave her child for 6 weeks and not even have her shed a tear. I am so blessed.  I could not have picked a better mother in law if I chose myself.  Thankfully,  I got one of the best.   Between her and my parents, I Am never going to be able to repay all they have done for me.  Everyone really… Rosie’s AMAZING teacher (and my fast friend) ,  my brother, brother in law and sister in law… all my friends who text me, answer my pharm questions, go to walgreens, get my daughter ready for her 1st communion,  send me cards and funny packages to keep my spirits high or just make me laugh with obscene texts all day long and even oversee housekeeping for when I get home.  I am so blown away and hope to God I am an ounce of the person to deserve it! I can honestly say… Out of this whole process, that is what I will remember.  The love and laughs! 



PS – that obscene text thing was not directed at any one person. It was directed at the dozen of you who fit that category!   I love that!

PSS – since I have had myself on this strict diet for my gerd,  I have been so good.  Last night my mom came back to the hospital,  forced me to live stream the Kardashians and ate apple pie in front of me.  The audacity of it all…. In shock,  I took a picture for Amy.   I promised her I wouldn’t put it on Facebook… Technically,  this isn’t Facebook!  


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