Day + 6 – Farewell Amy… Please Don’t Leave Me

Hi Everyone,

It’s Sunday… Day +6!  Woot, woot.   Well.  This AM I needed platelets again, but other then that all is the same.  In fact,  Dr. Burt ordered another blood test this afternoon to check them.  If they are still low I’ll get s bag tonight.  He seemed really happy with where my counts were which was good since they look the same to me.  Lol.  He kept saying it was really good.  I asked him if pulling a good harvest meant I would get some good numbers in.  He said… It’s hard to say.  When I said that is too bad since I harvested 43MM he was impressed   I have mad harvesting skills!   Lol. I do have some slight hip aches which is usually a good sign that I am starting to graft.  I talked to my nurse because I think it is too  soon to be the Neutropen… He said it really wasn’t.  So who knows. I just want to leave healthy,  even if that means I don’t make my goal of being home this weekend , I’m ok with that.  Wouldn’t it be nice though!!

Now today was a weird day.  I slept off all night.  Not horrible, just not great.  Woke up and had a cup of oatmeal with a banana smashed in it, yogurt and cup of cantelope.  GERD diet working (with IV meds).  Then I got benedryl for my platelets, tried to sleep a little.  I do it think I did. Watched Amy try and take a shower 5 times, but the room was taken.  Thankfully she got in there.  Lol then I decided to write thank you cards and wrap some gifts for the nurses and staff who have taken good care of me.  They work long shifts so there is a chance I won’t see some if them again.  After that, I had my picc line dressing changed…. So clean.    The dreaded time approached.  My Amy was leaving me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO



While she packed up, I walked a mile in the halls.  Met a very nice woman who is also in for an AI disorder, (different doctor – different regiment). Who was beginning her journey.  Gave her my tips and tricks. Took a shower, ate and now I wait for another pill to try and slay this headache.   What am I going to do without Amy?  Who is going to laugh with me when my mom (with the history of GERD and esphogeal cancer) suggests really bad GERD foods for me to eat..  Minestrone soup?  Who is going to watch romantic comedies with me at night?  Well, I guess my parents are up.   I have to say, she planned her visit perfectly.  It made the last few days, even the bad one, fly by.  I’m going to miss her terribly.  (Sweating emoji)!

Well,  I am in a bit of pain today, so I am going to end this post early.   I hope everyone had a great weekend!




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