Day + 1 Fever

It was a rough night no sleep.  Bad morning of fever and it was only about 99.7 at the highest.  I was freezing and shivering.  They gave me more antibiotics, anti fungal, anti viral, steroids and other things to reduce the fever.. It wasn’t even that high and I could barely function.  God willing, this is the worst… Dr Burt said all is going to be ok and this is normal. Most likely a late fever from the rabbit , but Im exhausted. After they did their rounds today, I got a ton of bloodwork and all the drugs, my fever broke and I found myself drenched. Dr. Burt  said this is typically the worst day, but the nurse said it would prob spike again in a few days.  He said at 99.7, it isn’t even a fever, but he wanted to head it off with the IV steroids before it spiked.  I trust in Dr Burt and hope to God this is the worst.  I know so many have had higher fevers, I can’t imagine. My poor mother is exhausted and my father is lugging laundry back and forth.  My sister in law Amy gets here In 2 days and she will be a sight for sore eyes.  Especially mine that seem to be filled with tears nonstop.  I even cried because the nurse brought me crackers and I thought that was so nice.  Steroids are not my friend and when I feeling, I’m left hysterical crying half the time for no reason…. Most times, I think need a padded room. 😷  I feel selfish and weak asking for this to be the worst.  Seems a small price to pay.  



Of course….I miss my girl!

2 thoughts on “Day + 1 Fever

  1. Coleen, I’m so sorry that you are having such a rough time. It is so right to express your feelings. Steroids help what they are given for, but used to be called the bastard drug because of all the other physical and emotional parts of the body they interfere with! You are so courageous and the Dear Lord has blessed you with wonderful parents and family. You are in my prayers.

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