All Done – Happy Birthday to Me!

No Chemo – No Cure Remission! It’s all done folks!   I am on my way to a remission with God’s help.  We talk a lot with Kaitlyn while getting my transplant and she was helping everyone to understand the thing that will hopefully knock my disease out is already done.  It was the chemo and rabbit that I have had for days.  Today’s birthday of stem cells is a way for me to heal faster.  Now,  I will be weak, tired,  need blood, platelets and it WILL be a long bumpy road,  but I’m well on my way.  I am on my road to a life where I can have hopes for a future again.   My MS damage is still there.  I will still flare from time to time if I get sick or run down,  but that is nothing compared to fear of the unknown.  I can’t thank everyone enough for the prayers and blessings that you have given me. Here are some Pics and video from the main event. Frozen stemmies Defrosting stemmies All ready

Dad’s Blessing

A very small clip from the main event.

The drugs have me a bit emotional and punchy today.  Hope to be back to on soon.  They say tomorrow may be the hardest days as my cells find their way home.

Thanks aagain for all the blessings!



2 thoughts on “All Done – Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Hi Colleen- I am so happy you got your transplant today and we’re praying for this to heal you and help you to have a happy and healthy life. Your dad’s prayer was really beautiful. Thinking about you and so happy to see you on such a great road.

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