Mobilization Day 8 – I Have Officially Seen it All

Hi Everyone!

Another day of feeling ok… Besides this cold and having to take 1 small nausea pill.  I slept until about 6 today,  walked to the bathroom to take a shower  (which takes no time at all now), got scared because there was a strange dude in my room (that was me,  forgot I was bald), ordered bagels from the this great bagel place I’m obsessed with (NYC Bagel Deli) and then at about 10:15, Tom and I walked to the hospital (no cane today WHAT WHAT)

While at the hospital to get my labs taken,  Tom and I met a great mom and her son who is on the same transplant schedule as I am. (Not sure if you guys want to stay anonymous,  so I won’t say your names -😘). I’m so happy to have a Stemmie twin.  That would have been the best part of my day but then the most amazing thing EVER happened!    Here is the story:

We took my dad to Rosebud’s for his birthday.  I had probably the best salad I have ever had.  The chef even found a pasteurized Brie for me (it should have had blue cheese on it, but that is a neutropenic no no)

Beets, Farro, Apple and Brie.

We went at 4:00 to avoid the crowd,  mission accomplished…

After dinner,  we decided to go to sprinkles to get the Birthday Boy a cupcake.  Went in and ordered some cupcakes.

That’s when it happened.  My life changing event.  The coolest thing I have ever seen in my whole life. I can barely speak of it.   You just have to see for yourself:

A cupcake ATM.  I am completely speechless.  I need this in my living room!



PS,  My brother called me Dr. Evil on Facebook.  It was super pathetic because it was his wife’s joke.  Amy… You are the real humor in that household!


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