Mobilization Day 3 – With Guest Stars Anna and Elsa

Hi Everyone,

Today is going better then I expected a day after chemo to go. That being said, knowing me and medication I didn’t expect it to go well.  Lol.    I’ve been very nauseous and fatigued, but am pushing through.  I haven’t eaten much, but love Just hanging out with my girl…. Even if it is just sitting on a chair watching her play.

My favorite PA at the doctors office called today.  My nose swab test came back with a cold virus,  so that has been what has causing the McD plague and making us all cough our lungs out.  So,  3 zpacks, 1bottle of delsym, 2 bottles of Musinex, a few jars of Vicks and we’re all still coughing.  I have, however, quarantined my parents to their own room so at least I am only infecting myself.

I am very fatigued today,  so I had special guest video bloggers today.  We hope you enjoy!







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