Wasabi Nose – Mobilization Day 1 (Violation Day)

Hi Everyone,

DISCLAIMER****I’m going to expose more then I normally would here because there many people reading this who are going to get HSCT.  I want to tell it all and that’s what I am doing****

Well I made it to mobilization and got chemo!!! I did quarentine my parents and they were not allowed to come so Fran was my support today and boy was she good at it.

Fran and I checking in at Prentice (I accidentally went to Feinberg… Oops)

Soon after we checked in, I was taken to my room by an admission administrator who couldn’t have been any nicer.  He did his thing and the nurses came in to ask a bazillion questions and start my IV.          My veins were not cooperating and I was sure wishing I had one of my IV geniuses from Vista Infusions…. But they called in backup and it got done.  We started fluids and then Dr. Burt and his teams came by.  Since I am sick they stayed out the door. Dr Burt ordered a virus test for me and they had to stick a looooonnnnggg swap up my nose.  It didn’t hit my brain even though it felt like it did. Next,  they did a bacteria test that is not fun,  but it is apparently done every Tuesday here and upon check in.  It also involved a swab, but this time it wasn’t my nose.  OH NO!  It was my behind.  This was not in the manual…. Or if it was, I ignored it.     After their rounds,  one of his PA’s  came in.  She asked a million questions and re-asked about my MS history. I had created a massively detailed timeline and had it all with me.  I mentioned my frequent UTIs after IVIG because as many many MSers do,  I have trouble emptying my bladder.   At the end,  she looked at me and said…. I have to order a catheter for you.  The fear had to show all over my face.  I had never had one and never want one.   I was in shock mode.  These two poor nurses.   I could not relax,  how do you relax????  It was bad for a while until I got used to it.  Now I’m ok as long as I stay completely still.   I was a hot mess  and crying from the catheter for a while.(poor Fran)  They finally gave me ativan and a cough syrup..  Chemo was no buggy.  Just like every other IV. Just like others,  the side effects will come.  

After the chemo was started I moved to the chair.  It helped the catheter to get up.  I moved there and I said to Fran,  I think the nose swab hurt my nose.  It burns really bad.  No,  apparently it is a thing called wasabi nose.  I drank a gold drink and that made it go away.  

The BEST PART OF MY DAY was when my fellow HSCT friend Nate and his lovely wife (He is here for his 6 months from transplant)came to visit me.   It really lofted my spirits.

Now I’m back in bed waiting for dinner and for 24 Hours to go by so I can get released. We’re hoping we can be home by early afternoon tomorrow.  

Please say some prayers for an easy night!



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