Mobilization Day 2 AM

Hi Everyone,

We made it through the night, Fran and I, with little to no complications, but I woke up today very nauseous, coughing with a headache. I most anxious and upset I am is over this “catheter and tube” (Ativan wore off).   It doesn’t hurt… It is just there and very, very uncomfortable.  I decided I need to name it . I’m going to have it in for the first 5-6 days of my next 3-4 week stay and I can’t let it control me like this. So Fran choose a good  one…Pee Wee Herman. It seems fitting.  It’s not going own me like this.  MS, Chemo, testing, everything else I put up with, I take like champ. This plastic monstrosity has owned me for over 24 hours.  No more… Pee Wee – it is on!  (Also, they gave me more Ativan).  Lol.  Dr Burt just came in and asked me what Dr B thought about my spinal issues.  I told him that Dr B said that I clearly had back issues and I clearly had MS issues but he wasn’t overly concerned.   He asked if I saw a neurosurgeon at Rush and I said no.   So something tells me that my be in my future.  Fran told Dr Burt that we named the cathather… He of course wanted the name and when we told him… We got a chuckle. My NP Katlyn will be back again after rounds to go over all the discharge papers and God willing within 3 hours I’ll be on my way to the room without Pee wee… For now, here are some drug induced no makeup pictures with glasses I would never allow to be posted if I was in sane mind!.


Colleen, Fran and Peewee! 

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