That NES is a YES!!!

I boarded the plane home today. Crying through my swollen shut eyes. Pushed through the headache and anxiety and boarded the plane. I watched Downton Abby. Paid the $8.00 for Internet so I could see if the doctors office may have emailed me. They didn’t. The 3 hour flight went rather quickly. As soon as we landed, I turned on my phone and saw a voice mail from Chicago left at 8:58. I took a deep breath and listened. It was Dr Burt’s nurse Kate. She was calling me to tell me that he reviewed my file again and wanted to offer me the treatment. She said she wasn’t sure if it would be on or off study, but wanted to get the ball rolling with Aetna. I didn’t even listen to the whole message. I think I screamed I GOT IN! I don’t know, but when I looked up, half the plane was crying and after I got off randomPeople were hugging me in the airport. I got off the plane, quickly called Kate and gave her the ok to get going. So. Here goes it! God has been very good to me.


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