We landed in Chicago

Yesterday, my parents and I landed in Chicago.  We made our way to the hotel where I immedietly took a 3 hour nap.  😃. After waking up, we decided to tour the appointment locations so we would know where to go.  This proved to be genius since it was a bit confusing and I nearly ended up in gynecology….  After that we got a quick bit to eat and went to one of my favorite places Eataly (yum). We came back to the hotel to fill out paperwork for my MRI and get ready for today. Today’s agenda:

11:00 – hotel tour for long visit
12:30 – MRI of brain and back with and without contrast
3:00 – another hotel tour for long visit

We are trying to find a good hotel for my parents to stay if WHEN I get the transplant.

Well, that’s all fot now, I’ll keep you posted!


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