Day +152 – Life as a Single Mom…again  

This week, I’ve been a single mom for the first time in a very long time.  Just when I think I can’t thank Dr.  Burt and his team anymore, life as I didn’t remember it pops up. My parents and Fran were all away this week and against everyone’s fears, I prevailed.  I felt like a real mom again.  A fun, healthy mom (nausea excluded).   I can’t express what that feels like.  It is as if I have been living in a fog for so many years and I suddenly emerged. My greatest wish is that everyone suffering an autoimmune disease can go after the unknown like I did.  

This week,I go back to work in the office (I’ve been working from home). I admit that I am scared.  My job is high stress and I don’t want anything to stop my recovery.  I have a long way to go. I just have to trust in myself to stop when I have hit my limit. Honestly, I have more trust in my work family to tell me to stop, but I will try.  How did those of you who went back to high stress jobs cope?  

This week is one of the hardest for my family and I.   This year is 14 years since my fiancée and father in law were robbed of their lives during the WTC attacks.  It’s odd, but as I feel better, I miss Jason more and more. I know how hard it would have been for him to see me sick and I know he is with me.  I can feel it.  I think that is why family is so important to all of us.   We are all that we have and we know what loss is. But, with that, I believe that God works in mysterious ways.

My blessings continue.  This week, I found out that my very good friends from Atlanta planned a trip for next year to celebrate mine and my BFFs (AML) recoveries. This is such a large group of some of the best friends I have even  been blessed to know and it melts my heart to be so honored.  On top of that, next month, my childhood BFFS are making the trip to Texas for a mini reunion.  I often have to sit back to fully realize the magnitude of my blessings.  Included in this is my amazing nephews.  One of which turned 13 this week.  I am so honored to be his aunt.  He is remarkable.

Well,  I am off to sleep, but I wish you all the very best of labor days and hope that whatever ailment you are suffering from, that God will see you through.



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