Day 124 – 4 Months and Finally Starting to Feel Like the Young Me Again!

Hi there!  I hope everyone is doing well!  I am finally starting to feel like the pre-MS me again!   I never realized how much damage this disease did to my body,  having that damage healed really brings to light the suffering I was in.  I now have no cane,  my eyes are good,  words flow again… most of the time and urgency is gone.  My arm pain is nearly gone (didn’t even realize that was MS) and my energy level rises every day.   I do fight to get to sleep at night and then want to sleep all day.  I keep working on that. 

I went back to work in July,  but from home.  It is a crowded office and I still worry about getting sick and having a set back. After slowly getting a limited again,   I spent most of the month having tests done for a stomach virus.  We believed that it was CDiff,  but he latest test said it was not.  It was most likely a virus that would not leave.  It was during this that I realized the good old store bought Clorox and Lysol wipes don’t kill most stomach issues.  You must either use 1:9 ratio bleach to water or buy these (I got mine on Amazon):

Other then that,  we have been staying busy.  I  switched bedrooms and moved into my spare room.   I LOVE it!   It is set away from the open areas and so much more peaceful.  I also have  enough room to put a chair in it.  I opted for a massage chair from Brookstone.  50% off meant I was destined to own it.     

 Obviously that isn’t me, but the add.  Lol
Since I hit my 4 month mark this week,  my friend Randa and I celebrated by going to a small local resort that has a safe, small, clean and fun waterpark.  There were only about 20 people there so Randa, the kids and I all had a blast.   Then I became a real Texan and went to my first Cory Morrow concert at a local dive.  It was outdoors and small.  It will not be my last concert.  He was wonderful and the food was great.   It was truly the thing I really needed.  Trying to be cautious was and is mentally killing me. So thanks Randa!  Love you!!!





 By far,  the best part of this experience has been meeting and talking to the wonderful people who are part of the HSCT community.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to help others  who are considering this treatment through this website, Facebook and even my amazing neurologist.   Every time I talk to someone,  I am in awe of how much bravery is in this world.   I truely believe that the ability to have HSCT has been a gift from God meant for me to share with others.  This is a gift I happily accept!



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