Day +64 – I’m not a Very Good Home Blogger

Well, I hit the 2 month mark and I have to say I haven’t been feeling that well since being sick.  On top of that ***TMI ALERT***  I am going through chemo induced menopause.  They aren’t sure if it is a permanent menopause or temporary, only time will tell. The thing for me is that the hormones associated with this are causing my old MS to flare.  Spasticity, headaches, fatigue and some other.  It’s bad, but I feel it is still better then pre HSCT.  One thing that isn’t better is my sleeping.  I have barely slept in days again.  Not even sleep medication is working.   Probably hormone related.  Then again, the 51 lb octopus in my bed isn’t helping… She will be in her own bed again soon.  Today I went to my hematologist.  He is the nicest guy and I say this even though he took 1million liters of blood out of me today… Ok, like 8 vials.  Most of my blood looks great, but my white cells are low. Not crazy low, but under 4.8, so except for PT and my daughters very small birthday party.. I am on home quarantine. I was shocked, but that is ok.  When I think about where I was 60 days ago…. It still blows my mind.


I had an amazing visit with Yvette and Gary as usual.  I can’t show you any pictures because… Well…. I was in my PJs the whole time and we didn’t take any. The highlight was my birthday gift.  They had a personal chef come in and cook for us.  Yvette and I sat at the table in the kitchen and had a great time….  As did everyone eating the food.  I love experience gifts, this was amazing.

This week, Amy is flying in with my nephews.  We are all so excited.   It has been 6 months since we saw the boys and I haven’t seen Amy since I was in Prentice battling the stomach pain monster from hell.  My parents have been very busy planning all the fun things they are going to do. It will be a fun packed week for the kids and I will be able to really rest in the mornings and spend a little quality time after they get back. The day they leave, my BFF Jen is flying in for 2 weeks to help me while my parents go on a much deserved cruise. It will be just like college except… No wild parties, drinking, bars and we now have kids… So if will be nothing like college.  I bet we still kill it.  Lol

I did get to have a birthday dinner with 3 very special ladies from work on Friday.  They were all nice enough to go as soon as the restaurant opened so we beat the crowds.  It was so great, I miss all my work family and it was like being home again.  I’m obsessed with this lipstick from lime crime.  It was so funny because I was wearing it that night and all 3 ladies tried on the same color and it looked totally different.   I have a few colors from them…  Pink velvet is my favorite:

I took that today and you can probably tell, I lost all my eyelashes.  Like my hair, they are growing in fast.  I have been using the California Baby shampoo and lotion from my previous post and this week I added the supplement  Hair, Nails and Skin from The Works (click here for an overview) .   It’s working.  I swear my hair is growing everyday.  Still patchy and very bald, but it won’t be long now.  

Well, it’s 3:30 AM.  I have to go toss and turn for a few more hours.  Hope you are all well!


5 thoughts on “Day +64 – I’m not a Very Good Home Blogger

  1. Hi Colleen- Have been thinking about you and hope you are feeling better. Rosie looked beautiful for her communion- such cute pictures! Tell your parents and everyone hello. Take it easy- Love, Karen, Joe and kids!


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