Day +29 – Almost Human… Nah

Hi Everyone!

Today is day 29.  Tomorrow will be the monthaversary of my transplant.  I am starting to get more energy, but I have learned that every day out or active should be followed by a day of rest.  Since yesterday was a blood work day… Today I rested.  Boy did I rest! Let’s get down to business
Good news – platelets are down in normal range

Bad news – Hemoglobin is down to 10.0 (under 10 typically means transfusion,  so I’m hoping it doesn’t drop more)  

Expected news – My white blood cells dropped as well,  while they are still in the normal range,  at 5.6,  I have an increased chance for infection or sickness.  Just have to be very careful as Rosie makes her First Holy Communion on the 16th. 

So we have been laying low lately.  Rosie traveled to Arizonia with her Nona for a dear friends wedding.  She gets home tomorrow and I sure do miss her.  

I feel like I am nesting.  It’s kinda hilarious.  I have had the need to purge belongings lately.  I want to get rid of everything,  it’s so weird.  My mother helped me put together a new shoe case and I moved all my shoes out of the closet.  I moved all heels to the spare room in hopes that they will be used again one day.    I realized then that I don’t even like shoes that much and I have like 50 pair… What if I liked them? I pondered that thought as I went on zappos and bought some really cute flats.  This had a butterfly effect and now my mother is purging…. Except I’m not really sure where.  It’s all over the place.  So when I was up last night,  I sent her this link (click the words this link to view).  When I came downstairs today she said she has already done it! I’m still not really sure,  I’ve seen her plant, shampoo the rug on the porch, vacuum the furniture, play some iPad games… But I’m not sure where the purging is.  In her defense,  I haven’t left the couch…. stay tuned for more on this!  My father on the other hand has been putting things together for 2 days yelling NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!  This is what happens when you are away from home for so long.  You get back to things that need to get done. People if the HSCT world… If you have more then 6 days notice… Leave your home all done and assembly free.  

As for me… I’ve been resting and walking more.  We went on an awesome drive this weekend to Willow Loop here in TX.  Drives keep me sane.  It is so beautiful.  People who have never been to the Texas Hill Country do not know what they are missing:



See… We’re not just desert and cactus!  



2 thoughts on “Day +29 – Almost Human… Nah

  1. I’m going to Chicago the end of the month for my initial evaluation. I’ve been following your progress and just wanted to drop you a note and tell you congrats on getting treated and I hope you’re doing well and wish you a speedy recovery!

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