Day +14 – First Blood Work at Home!


Hi everyone! 

It’s Day + 14,  I’m home, I’m happy and everyday I  get a little bit stronger.  The exhaustion continues to surprise me.  I am not used to sitting around.  I like to be in the action.  But once I try,  the need to sit down wins.  I have not left the house since coming home.  Mixup with my stomach meds had me in a lot of pain late last week,  but that too seems to be better and little by little I am eating more flavorful foods.  

Funny,  I didn’t need a wheelchair before HSCT (although I did cave and use one at the museum) but I got an inexpensive travel wheelchair for the next couple of weeks.  It is a far walk to have blood taken or to get up to the doctors office. So I plan on retiring that once I can walk a neighborhood lap.  I personally blame a lot of this on my steroid heart.  My resting heart beat was so fast that the smallest action made it just race on.  Now that I am quickly approaching a week off of them, it is calming down.  

So all good news to report.  I plan on staying isolated for a while longer.  Hopefully these blood results will be good.  We should know in a few days!



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