Day + 9 – Long Overdue! 

What a day… I’m so thankful to be home. However….  Last night,  an old enemy returned;

 Now,  I ate very little all day,  so I know it is not all food related,  we are pretty sure it is all from the steroids.  Today,  it has gotten much worse and I spent the majority of the day in pretty severe pain. I spoke to my PA and we think the decrease in stomach meds once I left the hospital is the reason it got so bad so fast. She called me in a script, increased nexium and hopefully this will fix soon.

In the meantime,  not even stomach pains could keep me from Operation Rosie!  We pulled up to the neighborhood and I started to cry as I saw Fran, Vonna, Krista (and beautiful kids)  with our neighbor Shirley standing outside my orange bow and balloon decorated house welcoming me home. Complete with kid made signs.   It was more then I ever imagined and put me over the edge with emotion.  I went inside and sat for a while as I have very little energy.  Walking 20 feet is pure exhaustion.  Then Vonna presented me with the best gift ever…. 2 bottles of Maalox.  Krista and Vonna had gone all over looking for it.  Apparently there is a recall on packaging.  Vonna was able to find a generic brand at her pharmacy.  I downed a shot like it was a special reserve whiskey, got in the car and we all met Brooke at the school.  Melissa was ready to go.  Operation Rosie was underway!  

I have the best friends and family!

image image Iimage image

We came home and I took a bath.  I’m not going to lie.  It was amazing.  I finally felt clean.. Until I got out of the bath and broke into a sweat from the exhaustion of actually bathing.  It’s a viscous circle.  Then I laid in my bed and slept.  Today, I slept about 3 times for an hour each… Waking up from steroid hot flashes, headaches and stomach pain.  But I finally slept… In my own bed and I am so, so thankful. 

For dinner, my mother made me pastina.  After forcing the first bite, I was able to eat.  Afterwards for an hour or so, I felt good.  Then I noticed my steroid induced high heart rate seemed better.  It was down about 20 beats.  Maybe, just maybe…. the steroid hell is almost over and can actually focus on recovering from the chemo. I have a good feeling.



PS – for those Non-Italian… Basically my Texan friends.  This is pastina. It’s a tiny pasta that she cooks with an egg and bit of parm cheese.


4 thoughts on “Day + 9 – Long Overdue! 

  1. Hooray Colleen!!!! So glad you are home again. Your mother makes a mean pastina. Hugs and kisses to all of you, you are quite a team! Josephine and Charlie xo

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