Day + 4 – Busy Day! 

Wow.  What a busy day!   First up.  My counts are still good.  WBC is still TLTC as expected and my blood was lower,  but no transfusions needed!  Today I also started my neutropen shots to boost that immune growth!  Woot!!! 

Last night Amy and I sent my parents back to their room.  My mother looks like a different person.  What a good nights sleep will do!   My dad was stuck with laundry duty this AM.  We played Yahtzee last night and I get what chemo brain is.  I could not count to save my life.  After a game,  I went back to making duct tape rose pens which I don’t want to make everyone jealous…. But they are the hot item for the Prentice Hospital Nursing Team.  Lol



Then,  I heard a knock at the door and almost fell out of my chair.  One of my favorite Texan’s Steve stopped by for a visit.  He was in town for a conference and surprised me.  It was AWESOME! 


My mom and Amy were out to lunch,  so my dad and I had all the fun!!  That was such a great surprise for my dad and I.  I honestly don’t know who was happier to see him?   TIE!!!

After that my mom and Amy came back with some lunch from Eataly for me… Which I dogged since I was starving and my fave PA Kaitlyn came in.  Good news… No lupus!!  Bad news… The spaghetti I ate for lunch,  the steroids and the chemo have tore up my stomach!  No nausea which is weird…   I think I gave my friend Tara the best explanation after she was all excited about he new baby giraffe that she saw give birth on there webcam. Baby giraffes may be exciting, but I saw this happen in my room every minute since about 3:30 this afternoon


That may even be my Eataly spaghetti in the background!!!



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