Day + 3 – It’s Steve and Amy Day

Well,  I’m excited.  My sister in law Amy is not far from the hospital!   It’s so exciting.  I mean,  not for Amy, but for me!  Less imprtany,  it is Steve Harvey Day!  My parents are there as I type!  I can’t wait to interview them later!

So,  last night went like many before.  Sleep is hard because of all the steroids.   I took an ambien at 10:30,  at about 1:00 fell asleep.  Then when my nurse came in at 2:30 to hook me up to antibiotic,  she gave me ativan and I slept a few more hours.  Finally,  I caved and asked for Zofran at like 5:00 am because I made the wise decision after a week of Cup of Noodles I decided to eat a PBJ and then French fries at 6:00 the night before.  I asked Dr Burt to put a French fry restriction on my restriction list.  He liked that and the fact that I was going for a healthy diet.  Lol

I needed a pain pill and got that at about 8:30.  So at about 10:00,  I sent my parents to the hotel,  my mom looked exhausted and needed to rest up for the big day!  I tried to sleep… Didnt happen,  but layed down for an hour.  Got up,  made my bed… Had my picc line wrapped for a shower (wish I had a cast cover or something… Has to be easier,  but I don’t plan on having it much longer! Lol), got dressed,  talked to the best housekeeper ever,  disinfected my room, ate,  did a bunch of laps,  talked to friends in TX and here I am.   Can you tell the steroids are getting to me.  I just pray I don’t crash!   I also have a good attitude I am adopting.  THIS WILL BE MY LAST WEEKEND IN CHICAGO!  This is the goal I am setting for myself!  This is what I want to achieve and through determination, prayer and NO INFECTION!   So please pray for that as well.    My wbc are officially too low to count,  so it’s a waitin game to get to 1 and get out of here!  I have an average of a week for this!  I CAN DO IT!   Nuetropen shots also start tomorrow.  They will help too!  



PS – I am going to try and do an interview with the celebrities later.  Stay tuned!  Lol

One thought on “Day + 3 – It’s Steve and Amy Day

  1. Colleen…really pulling for you!! All my most positive thoughts are coming your way! Hope you get to go home!!πŸŸπŸšΏπŸ‘—πŸ‘ 


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