so, I haven’t posted much, but I haven’t really left the hotel room either.  I have been exhausted.  To be honest, im not sure if this is a side effect of the harvest or I’m just exhausted, but… It doesn’t really matter.   

Yesterday we tried to get out for a bit, but we quickly realized there was no place safe for a nearly Neutropenic person in Chicago on a weekend.  We headed over to PF Changs and then I wanted to stop by Dylan’s Candy Bar before heading back.  BIG MISTAKE.  Probably the worst possible place I could be.  Every single person in Chicago thst was not on Michigan Ave was inside this place. I literally made it 2 feet before I said:


We immediately left and hailed a cab.  The cab was driven by a nice young woman who unfortunately had no idea how to drive or how to speak English,  I gave her directions to our hotel and I knew we were in troble when she missed the street to turn and tried to rectify the situation by going down a one way street in the wrong direction.  We quickly told her to let us out and walked the remaining 2 blocks to the hotel.  Once we got back, my parents went off to church and I got dinner ready.  Immediately after dinner I went to sleep.  I woke up at about 7 this Am for about 30 mins and then fell back asleep until noon ( which never happens).  My dad out to pick up some soup and I’ve been trying to stay awake since.  There is nothing on TV at all and the Internet is acting up again at the hotel.

I miss my Rosie so much.  I can’t believe I am going to have to go ~3 weeks without seeing her.  I could cry thinking about it.  I see her face on facetime and I know she misses us too, but is having so much fun with her Nona. They will be here for 3 short days this weekend before I have my picc line put in on next Tuesday and get admitted for the big show on next Wenesday.   I think too much idleness is my enemy. It seemed easier when I had bloodwork and testing to do.

Oh well, I’m going to see if that episode of Vikings I started downloading at 7 am is finished yet.  

Ill write more tomorrow!



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