Just One Long Day!

This past week has been a blur. I have been non-stop since I found out I had 6 days to get to Chicago for pretesting. I have been planning this trip in my head for months now. What’s took me off guard was the emotion. I try not to look too far in advance and try to plan… Just in case. What I didn’t plan on was turning into a zombie the second I got home from work every night. I travel (or really pre-MS…I traveled) for work… A lot. I have left Rosie with my parents or her Nona many many times. I don’t know why this time is so different. I NEVER expected it to be. We planned it so
God willing I would see her every 2 weeks…. Still, I can barely look at her without bursting into tears. Ironic since she is the reason I searched so hard to find something that would give me the chance at a normal life. I adopted her at 15 months from Vietnam. She saved me when she became my daughter. I owe it to her to do whatever I can to prevent a life where she is my caregiver. I owe it to the woman who gave her up for a better life and I owe it to me.

So, 6 large bags and 12 hours to go before I officially start my journey to a new life. I am ready and my ARMY of support is there for me as well. I have the best friends and family on the world. Please pray for a quick and successful pre-test week so I may begin mobilization on time.


PS. For those of you who are wondering, Rosemary is delighted at the thought of spending weeks at a time with her Nona! Secretly…. I think Nona is just as happy!

PSS – my mother would like to know why my brother and nephew decided to cut their hair. Thank God she is pretty



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